About Us

The Wishlist Foundation is a Pearl Jam fan-run nonprofit, grassroots 501(c)(3) fan organization dedicated to supporting Pearl Jam’s charitable and philanthropic efforts. We are 100% fan run, independent from the band, its management or the Ten Club, though they have been generously supportive of our efforts through the years.

Conceived in October of 2004 and officially organized in 2006, the Wishlist Foundation and Pearl Jam fans across the globe have raised over one million dollars through a variety of fundraising methods, such as pre-concert parties, auctions, raffles and donation gifting.

Pearl Jam is known for their incredibly passionate and dedicated fan base and our fundraisers are known as the premier destination spot for fan gatherings before shows, bringing in thousands of fans from all over the world.


Board of Directors
Laura Trafton*, Exec. Director
Kathy Davis*
Jenny Hieronymus
Brad Laing*
Mike Livingstone*
Eric Long*
Jeannette Pifer

Laura Trafton, President
Eric Long, VP/Treasurer
Jenny Hieronymus, Secretary

    Advisory Board
    Nick Demasek
    Sam Dillsi
    Brent Hinson*
    Teresa Moody
    Tom Tabacchi
    Jason Leung

    Executive Director
    Laura Trafton

    Director of Finance & Donations

    Eric Long


    Director of Events & Community
    Jeannette Pifer

    Assistant Director of Corporate & Operations
    Jen Belle

    Membership Coordinator
    Dani Dziama

    Beneficiary Coordinator
    Jenny Wallack Schenk

    Preparty Management
    Jeannette Pifer
    Jen Belle
    Eric Long

    Preparty Staff
    David Miller
    Jenn Bailey
    Jim Williams
    John Marshall Voorhies
    Rhiannon Mish
    Romy Bianchi
    Liz Woods

    Art Director
    Branislav Dordevic

    Content Manager
    Michael Petrelli

    Social Media Team
    Jen Belle
    Jenn Bailey
    Rhiannon Mish
    Jeannette Pifer

    Team McCready
    Lisa Cressman
    Jenny Hieronymus

    Jen Belle

    The Strangest Tribe Live Podcast
    Anthony Krysiewicz


     *Denotes Founding Member 

    Wishlist Foundation Tax ID # 20-5497732


    Board Emeritus (retired): Jessica Letkemann*, John Reynolds*, Maggie Gryske, Joanna Johnson


    eBay for Charity Page

    Wishlist Foundation is fan-run and not affiliated with Pearl Jam, Ten Club LLC, Vitalogy Foundation, its management or any of its related entities.