Copy of #CauseTheWave to #HealEB 12-02-2014

Wishlist Foundation invites you to help us celebrate Eddie Vedder's 50th birthday by participating in a special fan-made video message wishing him a happy birthday and supporting the #CauseTheWave to #HealEB movement, which is very dear to his heart.


During the fall 2014 Pearl Jam tour, Eddie wore a gauze bandage wristband that was given to him by Mikey, a little boy who suffers from Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a life-threatening skin condition. EB Research Partnership, co-founded by Eddie and Jill Vedder, Jamie & Alex Silver and Heather & Ryan Fullmer, is about $5M away from advancing a life-changing treatment and potential cure for EB. 




As a show of solidarity and to raise awareness about EB, Wishlist Foundation distributed nearly 10,000 white wristbands to Pearl Jam fans to wear and raise their wrists in support during the October Saint Paul concert. 
You can #CauseTheWave to support EB Research Partnership and Eddie by wearing a wristband and creating a short video wishing him a Happy 50th Birthday.

Here's how: 
1. Order your white Tyvek #CauseTheWave #HealEB wristband
(it's free -- you only pay for shipping. US residents $1.00; International $2.50)


2. Wear your wristband and make a short (10-15 second video) showing your wristband and wishing Eddie a Happy Birthday.
    - Make sure to say #CauseTheWave and to invite someone (or two) to make their own video.
    - Example: "Hi, I'm Joe from Staten Island and I'm helping to Cause The Wave to Heal EB and want to wish Eddie Vedder a Happy 50th Birthday! I know my friend Rob from upstate NY would want to say Happy Birthday too!"
    3. Upload your video to YouTube and title it: "Happy Birthday Eddie Vedder -  #CauseTheWave #HealEB". 


    4. Post your video to social media and tag your friend you mentioned.
    Use hashtags #CauseTheWave #HealEB #HappyBirthdayEV


    Videos must be uploaded by Friday, December 19, 2014, midnight EST. Once all of the videos have been submitted, we'll combine them into one big birthday video message and sent to Eddie Vedder.



    Check out a Happy Holidays video we made for the band a few years ago:


    Holiday Wishes for Pearl Jam from Infinitum



    • How much is a wristband?
      It's free. You just pay for shipping.
    • How much does shipping cost?
      US residents pay $1.00 per wristband. International residents pay $2.50 per wristband.
    • Do you ship internationally?
      Yes. International residents pay $2.50 for shipping per wristband.
    • How do you ship the wristbands?
      Wristbands are flat and will be shipped in a plain envelope and sent standard (stamped) mail via USPS.
    • What color are the wristbands?
    • What size are the wristbands?
      They are 10 inches long and 1 inch wide.
    • What material are the wristbands?
      They are made out of Tyvek and are very similar to the wristbands you would get for general admission floor access at a concert.
    • How many wristbands can I order?
      One per order.
    • Who can be in the video?
      You, your family, your pets, your friends, whoever you want!
    • Can I sing Happy Birthday?
      Sure you can.
    • Can I make a Happy Birthday sign for my video?
      Yes. Please make it readable!
    • Can I be creative with my video?
      Yes, please be as creative as you'd like! However, please keep your video "PG rated".
    • How do I make a video?
      There are many excellent video tutorials on YouTube.
    • How do I upload my video to YouTube?
      There are many excellent video tutorials on YouTube.
    • What if I don't want to be on video? Will you accept a selfie?
      Yes. You can take a selfie of you showing your wristband. Email it to us at wishlistfoundation (at) and post it to social media, hashtag #CauseTheWave #HealEB #HappyBirthdayEV and tag a friend to do one too.
      We prefer that you make a video, but understand that you may have reasons for not wanting to do one.


    By participating in this campaign you are giving Wishlist Foundation permission to use your video as intended in the campaign description.

    Wishlist Foundation reserves the right to edit, manipulate or deny any video for content, length, quality or any other reason.



    The Wishlist Foundation #CauseTheWave #HealEB Pearl Jam Fan Movement is managed by a team of volunteers:

    Laura Trafton - team leader & creative

    Joanna Johnson - admin, creative & shipping

    Jason Leung, Infinitum - video & creative

    Jake Nelson - video & creative

    Jen Krause - admin

    Jenny Hieronymus - admin

    Eric Long - admin & finance

    Wishlist Foundation is fan-run and not affiliated with Pearl Jam, Ten Club LLC, Vitalogy Foundation, its management or any of its related entities.