Fall Tour Art Contest 09-09-2013

Fall Tour Art Contest

September 9, 2013 in Projects by Wishlist Foundation



 Calling all Pearl Jam fan artists! The Wishlist Foundation, a Pearl Jam fan nonprofit organization, is sponsoring a contest for fans to create the graphic that will be used to help promote the 2013 Wishlist Foundation Fall Tour Preparty Fundraisers.

 Entries should be original art representative of Wishlist Foundation, our passionate fan community and the spirit of Pearl Jam.  The image will contain a summary of all of the preparty fundraiser dates, locations and beneficiaries for the fall Pearl Jam tour.

 Original art can be created in 2D or 3D in any medium such as wood, steel, clay, collage, fabric, mixed media, original photography, ink, paint, digital illustrations, etc., however entries must be digital and contain the required information. (For example: you can create 3D art by sculpting a music note out of cheese and use macaroni letters to list the fundraiser dates and locations – but you must photograph your work and send it to us as a high-resolution digital file.  P.S. do not use this example as a submission. It will be disqualified.)

 Wishlist Foundation volunteers that are organizing the fall tour preparties will be judging the contest and will vote to determine the winner. The winning art will be used on our website, social media, marketing materials and printed handbills. The winner will receive the gift of a Wishlist goodie bag stuffed with t-shirts, a poster and other sweet surprise items.


  1. Read this entire document.
  2. Create your original artwork.
  3. Digitize (by digital photography or scanning) any art that isn’t digital.
  4. Save your art file in .JPG or .PNG format
  5. Email your art and contact information to fallart2013@wishlistfoundation.org
  6. Deadline is 9/25/2013 at 11:59 PM CST


Your art submission must contain the following:

  • The words “Wishlist Foundation” or one of our logos
  • One of the following phrases – “Preparty Fundraisers”, “Pearl Jam Fan Parties”, “Pearl Jam Fan Fundraisers”. If you use Pearl Jam, you MUST include the word FAN immediately following, as these are not official Pearl Jam events.
  • The fall tour fundraiser dates, times, locations (or filler representative text) found here.
  • Filler text/images if the information we require is not yet available


Your original submission can be any size, but if it’s chosen to win, it has to be used and sized accordingly in the following methods:

  • Handbill Small – black and white, 4” x 5.5” handbill size (2 bills on one standard sheet of paper)
  • Handbill Small – full color, 4” x 5.5” handbill size (2 bills on one standard sheet of paper)
  • Handbill Large – black and white, 11” x 14” (legal sheet of paper)
  • Handbill Large – full color, 11” x 14” (legal sheet of paper)
  • Facebook Group Banner – full color, 801 x 250 pixels
  • Facebook Page Header – full color, 851 x 315 pixels
  • Twitter Header – full color, 520 x 260 pixels, consider the @fields
  • Twitter Background – list of fundraiser dates/locations. (for more info on Twitter backgrounds)
  • Other image sizes and uses may arise


Submissions of digital art files should be emailed with the following information:

  • Email Subject: 2013 Fall Art Contest
  • Attach your digital art files in .jpg or .png format. Do not insert them into the body of the email.
  • Include the following information in your email:
    • First Name:
    • Last Name:
    • Address:
    • City:
    • State:
    • Zip/Postal:
    • Country:
    • Email Address:
    • Mobile:
    • Artist Statement: (300 words or less describing what inspired your art)


  • Anyone can enter.
  • Must be 18 years of age and over to receive any prizes that may be awarded.
  • Only completed works are allowed to be entered.
  • You may enter as many original works of art as you like.
  • Your art must be your own original concept and not a copy of anyone else’s copyrighted material. If your image infringes upon another’s copyright it will be disqualified.
  • You must include an artist statement of originality – this is an explanation in 300 words or less describing what inspired the art.
  • By entering this art competition, you are granting us a non-exclusive perpetual license to reproduce images of your artwork on our website and in our marketing, with credit to you.
  • By entering the competition, you agree to abide by all rules of this contest.
  • Entries must be original and submitted via email tofallart2013@wishlistfoundation.org
  • DEADLINE is September 25, 2013 at 11:59PM CST
Wishlist Foundation is fan-run and not affiliated with Pearl Jam, Ten Club LLC, Vitalogy Foundation, its management or any of its related entities.