Branislav Dordevic Named Art Director

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Branislav Dordevic Named Art Director

Wishlist Foundation is proud to welcome Branislav Dordevic to the position of Art Director!

Branislav, aka "Brad", has been generously creating our logos, t-shirts, social media assets, preparty imagery, offering aesthetic direction and more for over a year now.

As Art Director, Brad will be responsible for the overall visual aspects of Wishlist Foundation, that they are conveyed to coordinate our message and brand. He will manage the work of other artistic or design staff and lead the creative development of product production, web site redesign, corporate images, preparty graphics and more.

Brad's love affair with Pearl Jam started in 1991 with the purchase of Pearl Jam’s Ten album on CASSETTE! His obsession started in 1992 when he unknowingly purchased counterfeit PJ tickets at Molson Park, Barrie and watched his first PJ concert from atop of a barbed wire fence... bleeding. And since then he hasn’t missed a Toronto show.

Also known as ONESKETCHYGUY, Brad is an artist designer from Toronto, Canada where he currently owns and operates his own venture as the creative director. He has designed for a variety of major retailers and clients across North America creating visual communications, illustrations and apparel design.

He loves his GVN2FLY girl, his cat Puco and loves a decent cup of coffee!

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