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kille knobel, lighting director, Pearl Jam -

"I have a lot of favorite memories with the band; it's hard to pick just one. This isn't a one-off occurrence; it's a quietly touching moment that happens from time to time at our shows with sign language interpreters..."

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gigaton, Pearl Jam, Who Ever Said -

But there was Joe...facing his first infusion to help battle his disease. He had his playlist ready to go—which was kicked off with “Alive.” We are all navigating uncharted waters together—with COVID-19 and my family with my brother’s illness. It is beyond difficult to not have fear when there’s a path of uncertainty in front of you, but knowing we have each other provides hope that we will be okay.

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Dance of the Clairvoyants, gigaton, Pearl Jam, Ryan Cory -

"I’m just glad that I never quit and that I stuck with my passions creatively because if you would have told me as a 15-year-old, as I was driving around blasting Vitalogy in my Ford Bronco, that I would be directing a video for Pearl Jam, I would have said, ‘No way.’ Don’t quit, just keep fighting your fight. Whatever it is. And keep pursuing the passions that resonate with you.”

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#PearlJam #MikeMcCready, #TheGorge, #TrafalgarReleasing -

"I remember interviewing Mike and us all being really grateful to be there that weekend. There was a sense of appreciation and also of fun. We were having a great time, and it really showed on Mike. He was excited to spend some time with us and to share his story. In the film, Mike talks about the fact that he had given up music when he was younger. But after going to a Stevie Ray Vaughan concert at the Gorge, he said to himself, 'I'm playing the guitar again.' I'm excited to share Mike's story with the fans and the world!"

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Pearl Jam, Pearl Jam Community -

As a staff writer at Wishlist, I would love to hear your stories. Email me at and tell me your story in 300 words or less. Let me know what Pearl Jam and the PJ community means to you. No attachments, please. Just write your story in the body of the email. Then, keep your eyes open each Friday because your story just might be the “Feature Friday” story on Wishlist’s social media platforms. 

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