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Seattle Showbox SoDo Tickets Explained

Seattle Showbox SoDo Tickets Explained

We want to take a minute to explain our Wishlist Foundation Pearl Jam Fan Preparty Fundraiser-Seattle 2 Showbox SoDo ticketing with a little more detail because we really want to make sure you can get in if you want to be there.

Showbox SoDo is NOT like other preparties where it's based on occupancy at the time. For example - we're packed, you're waiting on line to get in, so when 5 people leave, 5 people can then enter. It is NOT like this.

This is a finite ticket event. Meaning, we have X number of tickets available and that is all that will be sold. So if you buy a ticket, you get in with in/out privileges. If you don't buy a ticket and we sell out, you can't get in. So we highly recommending you get a ticket now, before the announcements later today and tomorrow.


Cover Charge

We have a cover charge at the door to offset the rental fee the venue is charging us. We're doing this so that the rental fee for venue doesn't have to come out of the money we raise at the fundraiser as a cost - which takes away from the overall donation to the beneficiary.

Going forward, we are always going to try to keep the preparty fundraisers free whenever possible.

However, if this "experiment" results in more room to relax and mingle, increases food/beverage service time, moderates the temperature a little better and an all around happier fan experience, we may try to a find bigger venue again in the major cities, which will probably have a rental cost, i.e. door charge, associated with it.

After 12 years of doing this, we're trying to figure out how to grow and accommodate everyone who wants to support the fundraisers and continue to make it an amazing experience for you all.


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