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Chris Girard, Liz Whelan-Summers, Matt Summers, preparty staff -

Wishlist Foundation regrets our typographical error in the misspelling of new preparty staff member Chris Girard in our recent Platinum Member gift letter. Further, we deeply apologize for listing new preparty staff members Liz Whelan-Summers and Matt Summers as Liz Woods and Matt Woods.  Our sincerest apologies to all parties effected - Chris, Liz and Matt.

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community, entrepreneur, Matt Reno, Matt Tackett, Pearl Jam Fan, Rochelle Dallons, Sandy Solomon, Scott Rockvam, small business, Stefanie Huber, Tanya Kang, Tina Baginski, Trey Busch -

In honor of Small Business Saturday, the spotlight is turned on some fans who took their love of Pearl Jam and incorporated into their small businesses. By Stefanie Huber.

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$1 million, 10th Anniversary, Chicago, fundraiser, goals, Wrigley -

Today Wishlist Foundation is celebrating the momentous occasion of reaching our one million dollar goal. We are beyond proud to have accomplished this seemingly impossible feat in our hometown, via our preparty fundraisers supporting Pearl Jam’s epic return to the legendary Wrigley Field, a place where miracles come true.A million dollars is a very big deal to a small, grassroots, 100% volunteer organization like ours. It means even more to over one hundred nonprofit organizations that we have supported over the years. We’ve learned about Crohn’s disease, our carbon footprint, homelessness, social injustice, Epidermolysis Bullosa, endangered animals, ALS, violence against...

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Art Director, Brad, Branislav Dordevic, graphics, logos, ONESKETCHYGUY, Toronto -

Wishlist Foundation is proud to welcome Branislav Dordevic to the position of Art Director! Branislav, aka "Brad", has been generously creating our logos, t-shirts, social media assets, preparty imagery, offering aesthetic direction and more for over a year now. As Art Director, Brad will be responsible for the overall visual aspects of Wishlist Foundation, that they are conveyed to coordinate our message and brand. He will manage the work of other artistic or design staff and lead the creative development of product production, web site redesign, corporate images, preparty graphics and more. Brad's love affair with Pearl Jam started in...

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#CauseTheWave, #HealEB, EBRP, Epidermolysis Bullosa, Jen Belle, Pearl Jam Fan Movement, Project Leader -

Wishlist Foundation is proud to welcome Jen Belle as the #CauseTheWave Pearl Jam Fan Movement Project Leader! For almost two years, Jen has been active in leading the #CauseTheWave Pearl Jam Fan Movement group, helping to raise awareness and making sure everyone is updated on what's going on in the fight against Epidermolysis Bullosa. She has shown dedication, compassion and care for the children and families. We are happy to officially recognize her leadership role. In addition to her new role as Project Leader of the #CauseTheWave Movement, Jen is also Wishlist Foundation’s Membership Coordinator. She has been a fan...

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Wishlist Foundation is fan-run and not affiliated with Pearl Jam, Ten Club LLC, Vitalogy Foundation, its management or any of its related entities.